Bar and Restaurant Equipment

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Do you want to take your bar to the next level?

Essential Bar Tools

Anyone who’s worked in or run a bar knows how lively things can get – and you don’t want your equipment to let you down when demand is high and your thirsty patrons need it the most!

We supply reliable, sturdy bar tools that won’t let you down, with a guarantee of durability and useability on everything we stock. Not only that, but all the bar equipment we sell is at an affordable price without compromising on quality, so you can put more money back into growing your business.

From drink-making tools that take your cocktail game to the next level to stylish new glasses and decor, we have all the bar accessories you’ll need to keep your business running smoothly and at your convenience.

No matter the form your business takes, you shouldn’t have to compromise on your tools – which is why we even have tools designed specifically for use in a portable bar if your company is on the road!

High-Quality Restaurant Equipment

Janitorial Supplies

When it comes to running bars and commercial kitchens, the food and service supplies are only half the story – you also need to ensure that you’re keeping a clean and tidy environment, for the sake of hygiene, safety, and the impression you make on customers.

We know that this isn’t an area that can be neglected, which is why we stock only the highest quality janitorial essentials for prices that suit you and your business.

Our janitorial supplies will help you keep your business to the high standard of cleanliness that customers don’t just expect, but require. Whether you need brand-new high-tech appliances to improve your cleaning efficiency or are just looking to order more organizers, cleaning chemicals, and washroom products for a reasonable price, we’re here to help.

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