Bar jigger, bar shaker and company – professional bartending tools in your home!
Do you love professionally made drinks and cocktails but are not fond of going out to bars? Or maybe you are passionate about bartending experiments and enjoy composing colorful drinks during family gatherings and events with friends? Now you can have your own professional mini bar in your living room – all you need to do is stock up on specialized accessories!

Bar shaker – is it enough to prepare drinks?

If, until now, you have been making cocktails in the comfort of your own kitchen or living room with the help of non-professional tools, purchasing these professional accessories may revolutionize your skills! Using a professional bar shaker instead of, for example, a jar with a tight cap will present you with a completely new quality in creating drinks.

But is a bar shaker enough to create a professional mini-bar? For starters, it will be a great starter tool that will allow you to thoroughly mix the various ingredients and create consistent compositions.

A professional bar shaker will not only make it easier for you to make cocktails but will also leave an impression on your guests. Thanks to this accessory, the preparation of drinks will also be a kind of performance in which the leading role will be played by you and your passion and love for the art of bartending!

While a bar shaker will be completely sufficient for the initial admirers of this art, with time, you will need more accessories.

What else is worth having in your home bar? A bar jigger!

Do you know what exactly a bar jigger is? It’s nothing more than a professional bartender’s measuring cup used to measure the right amounts of alcohol and other ingredients in drinks and cocktails. Thanks to this, you will not have to measure individual amounts “by eye,” making it easier to maintain the correct proportions.

You can buy professional bar jiggers in different sizes – so you will be able to conveniently measure large, small, and precise amounts of ingredients in all classic and non-standard cocktail recipes. It will also become much easier to create your own recipes – you will never again lose count of how much of a particular ingredient you used because everything will be measured accurately!

Want to purchase quality bartending equipment? At Phinney Market Pub, you will find professional accessories that you can successfully use in your home mini bar. Check out our offer, order, and create your dream home bar!

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