Bar equipment – complete your bar with the best!
Deciding to open a bar is the first step to establishing a business – but, as we know, this alone does not guarantee success. Critical in this regard is the acquisition or rental of premises in an attractive location, which can determine the success of your future bar.

Which bar equipment to choose?

When purchasing professional bar equipment, it is worth starting with the most important parts – and, as you know, all the attention is concentrated on professional equipment for preparing various types of cocktails.

These are accessories such as a shaker, a set of large mixing glasses, measuring cups for measuring the appropriate amounts of individual components (spirits, syrups, juices, bitters, etc.), long spoons or buckets, and ice tongs.

Another issue is the bartending station, which should also be properly equipped. It should be organized, so the bartender has free, quick, and easy access to all the elements necessary when creating cocktails and drinks.

It is also essential to have refrigerators to store some of the alcohol, syrups, and fruits, as well as a freezer or cooler, as there should be no shortage of ice at the bar.

Bar tools and company – convenience is key!

It is not only the bar equipment itself that makes a place we can call a professional pub. The center of interest of your guests will probably be the colorful cocktails – but the comfort of your bar visitors should be the focus of your attention.

So if you want to make them visit your establishment as willingly and often as possible, it is worth getting comfortable seats, such as distinctive and stylish bar stools (bar tools). But of course, this is not all!

We invite you to check out our offer – you will find everything you need when decorating your bar. Together with Phinney Market Pub, you will conjure up an unforgettable establishment that will steal the hearts of your guests!

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