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Bar Tools, Restaurant Supplies, and Other Essentials

At Phinney Bar Pub, we’re proud to stock only the highest quality bar tools, commercial cooking equipment, and janitorial products to keep your establishment running at its fullest potential.

Browse our online store now to see the latest deals on all kinds of bar and restaurant supplies, from backroom storage and kitchen utensils to serving platters and front of house equipment

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Tools for Bars

When it comes to making drinks for the thirsty masses, there's a lot to consider - and a lot of tools that you'll need to sate their appetites. Whether you're needing a basic bar tool set for a new pub that isn't out of your budget, or a Japanese-style jigger or Hawthorne strainer for your top-of-the-line cocktail joint, we have bar tools for every kind of business (and beverage). We even have a bar tools set suitable for your home bar if you're looking to recreate the best part of going out without leaving the house!

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Anyone who has had a role in a commercial kitchen knows that high quality equipment can help take the pressure off a stressful evening of work. Not only does having the best food preparation equipment help prevent problems down the line caused by products breaking or not functioning properly, but it can also make service more efficient, and even lead to greater customer satisfaction. As well as larger scale appliances and industrial equipment, we also supply all kinds of commercial kitchens with cooking supplies they can rely on, from professional kitchen knives and stainless steel pans to catering trolleys and kitchen safety essentials like oven gloves and color coded utensils.

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Restaurant Supplies

High quality kitchen equipment is vital for any foodservice business, but how you present the food to your customers is just as important. Even if customers don't leave your establishment thinking about the stylish plates or silverware, it can have a surprising impact on the impression they have of your restaurant. We stock attractive, high quality tableware favored by restaurants throughout the country on our site, for prices that suit businesses of all sizes and budgets. Are you looking for bulk silverware to prepare for busy nights, or new trays and aprons to have your wait staff looking their best? We have all those products and more in a range of styles to match your restuarant.

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Other Bar Essentials

When it comes to running a bar or restaurant, we know that there's far more to consider than meets the eye, which is why we also stock the invisible yet essential supplies that underpin your business success. Janitorial supplies are an area of restaurant management that you shouldn't compromise on - at Phinney Bar Pub, we supply only the best cleaning products to keep your establishment in the best possible condition. Whether you need to stock up on basic cleaning chemicals for your bathrooms or you're investing in a new steam cleaner or washing appliance to level up your cleaning game, we have everything you need to make sure your business meets the right hygiene standards.

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